WOD 210514

AMRAP 10 NFT 12 DB/KB Floor Press 10 DB/KB Bent Over Rows 8 DB Bent Over Fly 6 HSPU Then, CrossFit Open 11.3 Max reps in 5m: G2OH (165/110) *Must pass through squat, can be any style S2OH, and no SN “They say love is more important than money…Have you tried paying your bills with …

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WOD 210513

For time: Run 800m 200m Farmer Carry (53/35+) 20 Calorie Row 10 Muscle-ups 20 Calorie Row 200m Farmer Carry Run 800m “Only dumb people try to impress smart people. Smart people just do what they do.” – Chris Rock

WOD 210512

CrossFit Masters Qualifier 2021 WOD #5 For time (10m cap) 12, 9, 6 OHSQ (ages 35-54yrs 165/115lbs & age 55yrs+ 115/80lbs) Burpee BJO (30/24 & 24/24 with step-ups) Then, 5rds 1m Plank Hold + 20sec Max Push-ups – rest 30sec, repeat. “Nothing prepared me for being this awesome. It’s kind of a shock. It’s kind …

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WOD 210511

5×3 Push Press (3sec lower each rep, no rebound – build by feel) Then, 4rds – Max Calories Total 1m Max Calorie Bike 200m Sprint Rest 2m “My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.” – Mitch Hedberg

WOD 210510

Week 2 for the month of May – how have you been getting after it? Wearing a vest in your WOD? Adding in push-ups or pull-ups? How about some extra squats? Maybe you just want a little 1-on-1 session with a coach — let us know, we’re here to help! CrossFit Regionals WODs 16.3 & …

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WOD 210507

5rds 10 SA DB/KB Press (each side) 10 Ring Dips 5-10 Strict T2B Then, 4rds Jog 200m Sprint 400m Rest 1m “You’re only as good as your last haircut.” – Fran Lebowitz

WOD 210506

Team AMRAP 20 Max Calorie Bike! (2-3ppl) *Every time you switch partners – complete 1 CL + 4 FSQ (185/125 or heavy by feel) – next partner cannot start bike until complex is complete. “My bed is a magical place where I suddenly remember everything I forgot to do.” – Unknown

WOD 210505

EMOTM 8 2 HPSN (build by feel) Then, Every 2m – 6rds 10 Alt DB SN (heavy by feel) 10 BJ (24/20) “Puns are the highest form of literature.” – Alfred Hitchcock

WOD 210504

3rds for time: Run 400m 20 Thrusters 20 SDLHP Run 200m 20 PP Rest 1m (95/65 – same bar throughout) “Sane is boring.” – R. A. Salvatore

WOD 210503

New Goals & Challenges posted in SugarWOD! AMRAP 6 200ft Sled Push (2/1) 10 KB Swings (53/35+) Rest 1m AMRAP 6 5, 10, 15 Calorie Row (start over after 15) 5 B.O.R. Rest 1m Every 30sec – 12rds 5-7 Pull-ups “Never miss a good chance to shut up.” – Will Rogers

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