1. Get your own weights to lift. When you are done, put them away. The number one violation of weightroom etiquette is not putting your own weights away. If you violate this rule, expect burpees.

2. Treat equipment with respect, but don’t baby it. Plates, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, etc. are meant to be picked up, dropped, thrown, etc. Respect the equipment by using it heavy and hard, but don’t abuse it.

3. The only way to get stronger is to increase resistance (weight). At all times in the weightroom, strive to put more weight on the barbell and move it faster…with perfect form.

4. Work hard, or get your workout somewhere else. Don’t drag anyone else down with you.

5. Don’t be a jerk. There is always someone out there bigger, faster and stronger than you.

6. Don’t expect immediate results. There is no shortcut to being strong or getting fit. “You can’t push the river,” says Mark Twight. Relish the work. Enjoy the sweat. Welcome the pain.

7. Don’t worry about how you look. Worry about how you perform.

8. Don’t be late.

9. We are coaches, not your personal trainer. Don’t expect us to get your weights for you, put them away, count your reps, hold your hand, get you a tissue or call your Momma.

10. Never say, “I can’t.” Self-pity accomplishes nothing.

11. The athlete is responsible for his/her own fitness, health and safety. Our workouts are tough. The weight is heavy. If you need to pull back, or aren’t comfortable, tell the coach, and do so. This is being smart, not weak.

12. Leave your personal/job/family problems at the door. This gym is our sanctuary from all that crap. Make it yours.

13. We are not politically correct. We cuss, fart, yell, grunt, scream, sweat, bleed, etc. You will too.

14. Laugh. Come on, we all look funny doing this stuff. Especially you.

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