WOD 150924

WOD 150924

Strict T2B

3-5 sets x 2-5 reps (Goal 5 UB)

Ring Support Holds

5On/5Off – 12rds

10On/10Off – 6rds

15On/15Off – 4rds


Find 200ft Sled Push MAX!

Start with empty sled or 1 plate, push 200ft, add a plate each time and rotate with partners.

Strength WOD:

SPSQ – 4x5R/5L (back foot elevated – using DBs or KBs)

OH Walk – 4x100ft (rest as needed between – ask about the wooden dowel)

Ab Bridge – 4x30sec On/15sec Off

L-Sit – 4x30sec On/15sec Off

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