Stu Madicfsky (December)


Sometimes we fall, struggle–for whatever reason. It’s meant not to destroy but rather to build up, provide perspective, to make one stronger.

The before picture of me took a year to get to–242 lbs, 42 waste, weak, slightly high cholesterol. A sprained ankle followed by high determination in grad school (48 hour days and lots of coffee) as well as a bad diet and no exercise culminating in a break-up with a long-term girlfriend is in that one picture–taken
January 2012–the only picture I think I took in the first half of 2012. For whatever reason–I lost control. I’m sure this is a similar story often found throughout multiple boxes.

I wanted to get my energy back and my life back on track as soon as possible. I had a roommate a few years ago that was an avid crossfitter and paleo dieter–so I knew what I needed to do and what to expect. I tried workouts at Gardens Crossfit and HEW PBG–ultimately choosing GCF after Lee and Miki kicked my ass but showed me proper technique. I remember my first week at GCF with 7 min. AMRAP burpees and a bridge run being the first workout.
I couldn’t even bend over to tie my shoes that first couple of weeks, because my back was too sore–I was just paying my dues. It was intimidating as well to see these in-shape chicks dominating the pull-up bar and cleaning a lot of weight. I knew that if I worked out with these athletes, I’d reach my goals soon enough.

It has been 10 months, and I finally reached my initial goals. I lost 45 pounds weighing in at 197 pounds, I’m down to a 33 waste, and I got that ever frustrating muscle up. There are plenty of athletes that I’m sure deserve a BAMF as well–pretty inspirational stuff to think of some currents off the top of my head like a post brain-op getting right back into crossfitting or a pregnant woman continuing to be a beast or Masters level competitors performing like top RX athletes just to name a few. I’m truly thankful for all of the hard work that the trainers and the athletes have put into GCF. Thank you for selecting me for the BAMF for January.

And I also would like to thank Mascitelli for pushing me during these WODs. He keeps screaming at me to “pick it the %*@# up!” He’s so angry, I love it!

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