April 10, 2015

Luis Velez

In 2008 I returned to Bamberg, Germany from my first deployment to Afghanistan. My friends and I started taking fitness seriously and taking all kinds of supplements to get “big”. We used to do PT every morning with our company and went to the gym on base after work. I wasn’t tracking progress by how …

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Erika Stetzer Aka Squab

  I started CrossFit towards the end of my sophomore year in high school, and I would have started much sooner if I knew then how much it influences my life today. I was 16 years old when I started CrossFit and to most that’s pretty young, but when I tell you I can’t picture …

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Jon Gonzalez

Wow. BAMF. This is great! I can’t believe it, at the same time I’m honored to have this title. Hi everyone, I’m Jon G. 24yr old local guy who started CrossFit last June and have been hooked ever since. I had always heard about CrossFit but never really gave it any thought. I thought these …

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Hanna And Olivia

Words from Hanna… WAIT REALLY?! I’m beyond honored to be the BAMF of the month with my sister!! Rybolt’s represent! When I started at GCF a little over a year and a half ago, I did not expect to be where I am today. Every sport that I tried throughout my childhood lasted less than …

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Malcom Rhymer

Three years ago I graduated college weighing in around 260. I felt and looked like shit. I moved back home to Florida to find a job and get my life rolling. That was easier said than done. When I moved home I was still in college mode. I was staying out all night drinking and …

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Mel Pollock

Looking at all the great spotlights below, it is apparent similar themes attract us to Gardens CrossFit: Teamwork, camaraderie, self-improvement, goal achievement, community, expert coaching and nutritional counseling, pushing ourselves beyond what we conceived could be achieved, and a desire to live a healthier and physically more fulfilling lifestyle. We each have our own unique …

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Sarah Conlon

I love Gardens CrossFit. No, really…. I think I LOVE it! I wake up in the morning thinking about it. I go to bed looking at the GCF website checking to see what the next day’s workout will be. I’m texting with my workout partner, Alaina, throughout the day (and we are often talking about …

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Marnie Nickels

  Me?! I am totally honored to have the opportunity to share my experience with CrossFit. I was never athletic growing up, I didn’t really have any hobbies either. I always loved gymnastics, but I never had the motivation to take any classes. I was always an active kid but never played any sports, unless …

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Stu Madicfsky (December)

Sometimes we fall, struggle–for whatever reason. It’s meant not to destroy but rather to build up, provide perspective, to make one stronger. The before picture of me took a year to get to–242 lbs, 42 waste, weak, slightly high cholesterol. A sprained ankle followed by high determination in grad school (48 hour days and lots …

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