Kali Bedard (October)


Really? Was my first thought, then AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I will try and make this as painless as possible… I have always worked out, but now I WORKOOOUT!! Before I had a meow, now I have a RaaWwrrr.
Ok ok seriously, I really dislike looking back and getting into the underlying, negative aspect of how and why I really LOVE CrossFit. I have worked so hard to get to the more positive state that I am in now as a person. I believe negativity breeds like bacteria so with that said; I’m going to be short on that part.

I, at the young age of 28, can confidently say I’ve been through some not so positive things that most 28 year olds shouldn’t have to experience, which held me down for more time than I should have allowed. However, everyone has a past. It’s how you live your future from it. With that I give much gratitude of my new healthy lifestyle to CrossFit. It has not only made me physically strong but MENTALLY!! My mind is a force to be reckoned with so THANK YOU!

I have noticed since starting CrossFit, I have had only positive things enter into my life and maybe it’s just a coincidence but I truly beg to differ. To most I have entered a cult, or an obsession, but I can think of far worse things to be addicted to. As corny as it may seem, I thank a lot of my “Better Life” to CrossFit. It gave me strength, and not just for working out!

I want to give the highest of gratitude to Miki, Lee and Wayne as well as my CrossFit family for always being so positive and motivating! You three are amazing role models in the CrossFit community and I can’t thank you enough for making GCF the place it is. I am always pushing my potential as an individual a little further!

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