No.10 You get to say snatch, rack, and jerk and no one thinks you’re a perv.

No. 9 Love getting my LMFAO on while squatting.

No. 8 No one points and laughs when I wear my VFF’s.

No. 7 Ah, hello? CHAD!

No. 6 Now I’m bilingual- EMOTM, C&J, WOD, OHS, GHD, KTE, METCON, TGU, HSPU, AMRAP, Rx, KB

No. 5 No shirts, no shoes, no mirrors…no problem.

No. 4 Mike Mascitelli screaming at me to “pick it the %*@# up!”, he’s so angry, I love it!

No. 3 Your wife will start saying stuff like, “how you doing” and “me likey”.

No. 2 Who doesn’t love saying “Buck Furpess!”

No. 1 MIKI- the original and true BAMF!

Globo gyms, nah. PX90, nope. Non affiliate, almost. Gardens CrossFit, yes sir! Since GCF opened with that monster Gardens Destroyer WOD I have found a new level of fitness I didn’t think I could reach. I had tried everything else and I thought they all worked, for a time anyway. But it’s not until you see the affects of dedicated training at a CrossFit affiliate until you realize what you’ve been missing. I have to thank my friend Liz for introducing me to Miki and her training. I might still be doing Yoga X and saying “do your best and forget the rest” if Liz hadn’t shared her “addiction”. To say it has been life changing is corny and cliché but TRUE. My wife Jaime has supported and encouraged me, and has always altered her schedule so I could get an extra WOD in. The community is not just talk. I have been inspired and pushed by the other athletes and would not have shown the progress I have if not for them. Thanks to Mike Mad., Mike Mas., Chad, Alison, Matt, Danny, Regina, Jeff, Paul, Jason, Jay, Noel, Lee and others. Some of you I know and some I don’t but you all have at one time or another made me run faster, lift more, or rest less. Because of the coaching I have received from Miki, the nutritional guidance from Wayne, and the motivation from the GCF family I have set many PR’s and reached personal goals I had previously thought unattainable. Thank you GCF. Thank you 6 am class. Thank you Wayne and Lee. Thank you Liz. Thank you Jaime. But the main reason I am stronger, faster, and fitter… Miki!t.




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