Have you tried MAT?

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If any of you have nagging pains or injuries, we have someone coming in this Tuesday (8/30/16) that may be able to help.  Her name is Chelsea Denien, and she specializes in Muscle Activation Technique (MAT).  MAT is a process that is designed to address and correct muscular imbalances and joint instability in your entire body, rather than just treating the symptoms of pain or injury that you may feel. MAT has been used by a lot of professional athletes including Peyton Manning, who credits MAT for keeping him on the field for the final years of his career.  
Chelsea will be here this Tuesday, August 30th, offering free 20 minutes sessions from 4-6 PM.  To book a time with her, contact Miki to select one of the following times (4:00 4:20 4:40 5:00 5:20 5:40).
Some of the benefits of MAT include:
-Finding and removing imbalances that contribute to chronic paint, dysfunction, limitations in range of motions and injuries.
-Strengthening and stabilizing the muscular system so it will respond faster and smoother with less compensation.
-Lowering your risk of injury while working out or performing daily tasks.  
Here are a couple links to check out on MAT:
And check out what the creator of MAT says:
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