Month: May 2015

WOD 150529

7×4 Reverse Lunge Steps (Alternating legs, 4 total) Then, Ladder 6mins 2, 4, 6, 8… K2E *3-Cone Suicide Run after each round “We must be our own before we can be another’s.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

WOD 150528

For time 4rds – 2min rest betw 12 HPCL (@50%) 200m Sprint 10 Bar-facing Burpees AFAP Rest 4 mins 4rds – 2min rest betw 8 Thrusters (same bar) 12 Box Jumps (30/24) Max Muscle-ups or Pull-ups in one set “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” -Confucius

WOD 150527

Team WOD – get your matching clothes ready! For time 3k Row  150 Ball-over-shoulder 20 Rope Climbs 1 Minute Max Meters (per person) “In the end, people are persuaded not by what we say, but by what they understand.” -John C. Maxwell    

WOD 150526

FSQ 3×10 @55% Then, For time 5 SN (115/75+) 30 Double Unders 30 Walking Lunges 5 SN 60 Double Unders 30 Walking Lunges 5 SN 30 Double Unders 30 Walking Lunges 5 SN “I would rather be remembered by a song than by a victory.” -Alexander Smith  

WOD 150525

Don’t forget! Only 9am WOD on Monday, Memorial Day “Murph”. Everyone is welcome. Support those who have and do serve our great country! *No open gym

WOD 150522

Reverse Lunge 3×12 (6R/6L) Then, 4rds for time 100m Farmer Carry (Even) 25 Hollow Rocks  20 Battle Rope Side 2 Side Slams (R=1, L=2) 15 Hand-Release Push-ups “Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself.” -Octavia E. Butler  

Recipe of the Week!

Paleo Cucumber Sesame Salad It is best to eat this salad fresh as the cucumbers can lose moisture.     What You Shall Need: 1 zucchini peeled and juilenned or spiralized. (You will need either a julienne peeler or spiral vegetable slicer.) 3 cucumbers peeled and julienned or spiralized 8-12 cherry tomatoes, halved 2 cloves …

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WOD 150521

For time 3rds – 90sec rest between rounds 5 DL 15 T2B Run 200m Rest 4 Minutes 3rds – 2min rest between rounds 1 Minute Max Meters on Rower 2 Rope Climbs Run 400m “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt  

WOD 150520

Did you see the Memorial Day Murph post?! Check it out on the previous post today. It’s almost time! Ring Dip Skill – 4rds 10sec ON/20sec OFF – Ring holds 4rds 20sec ON/40sec OFF – Ring holds Then, Team AMRAP 25 Run 100m  7 Ball Slam Burpees 7 Goblet Squats w/ball *Details in class “The …

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