WOD 191209

WOD 191209

*Free Yoga at GCF with Natalie – Saturday, 14th at 11:15am – bring a mat – donations welcome!

*Tuesday is the last day to order your GCF hoodies!

*Only a few weeks left until the New Year! What goals did you accomplish? What’s in store for 2020? There’s still time to tackle some skills and make some gains! How about working on your Handstand or Handstand Push-up this week – give an extra 5-25mins, whatever you can, and dedicate it to getting better. Doing extra reps, learning how to kick up on the wall, or just getting out of your comfort zone! Grab a coach for some tips & do it!

BSQ 5×5 (build each set, start around 70%)


For time:

21, 15, 9

OHSQ (95/65)

C2B Pull-up

“I think it’s important to have a good hard failure early in life.” – Walt Disney




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