WOD 191030

WOD 191030

Hey RevFitness! We know you have great ideas…so…let’s have you design the RevFitness t-shirt!We have blank shirts printed at the desk, come by and draw and/or write down your saying or idea. Most votes wins! And you get your shirt for FREE! Once everyone votes and the winner is announced, we’ll process the printing. Let’s see some good ideas!

***Don’t forget your Halloween costumes on THURSDAY! Contest time, winner gets a prize!

***Don’t forget about our Anniversary Party and Friday Night Lights on Friday, Nov 8th – 3pm until we’re done! Open to everyone for food, fun and a workout!

For total time:

3rds – 2m rest between

10 OHSQ (95/65)

Run 400m

*Rest 4m

3rds – 1m rest between

20 RKB Swings (70/53)

15 GSQ (same KB)

10 Calorie AB

“Clarity is the key to effective leadership. What are your goals?” – Brian Tracy




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