WOD 180222

WOD 180222

The CrossFit Open starts Thursday! If you have not registered, there’s still time… you can register, complete the WOD, and enter your score online by Monday, 8pm. 

Here’s the breakdown for those of you new to CrossFit:

Anyone can do it! The CrossFit Games website will automatically put you in your age bracket, and then you can pick between RX and Scaled when each WOD is released. Those of you over 55yrs have some modifications to movements and lighter weights. The cost is $20 for the 5 week period. 1 WOD will be released every Thursday at 8pm on games.crossfit.com. We will then decide what day GCF will be holding the WOD, and of course having a make-up day on Sundays at 9am. If you cannot make the times we do the WOD, then contact a coach to help. Let us know if you have any questions and get signed up!


20/15 Calorie AB

300ft Sled Push (4/3)

15 T2B



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