WOD 171023

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*BIG Congrats to everyone who competed at the Florida Weightlifting States Oly Meet this weekend!!!

*THIS Saturday – Halloween Costume Contest!! Prize awarded to best/favorite costume!!!

*Don’t forget about the GCF 6yr Anniversary WOD & BBQ on Sunday, Nov 5th at Marcinski park!!! 10am WOD, BBQ to follow!!!

***Get ready GCF, we’re using a barbell EVERY day this week! Get after that mobility and be ready to attack the week!

Every 90sec – 10rds: 1 CL Pull + 3 HPCL (increase by feel – pause 3sec in catch on each rep)


For time

18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3

KB Burpees (53/35+)


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