WOD 170922

WOD 170922

DON’T FORGET! Friday, 7pm at La Fontana – GCF Happy Hour & Hurricane Relief Collection! Everyone is welcome, food provided, drinks available. Please bring your items to the gym ASAP if you cannot make it! Thank you for all of your support, we truly have an amazing community of people! Keep kicking butt!

Every 90sec – 5rds: 2 BSQ (increase weight from 50%-70% on each set

No break between

Every 90sec – 5rds: 1 BSQ (increase weight from 75%+ on each set)

*You will perform 10rds total, the first 5 with 2 BSQs and the second 5rds with 1 BSQ, increasing weight on each set.



10 High Balls (20/16)

6 Renegade Rows (R=1, L=2 – heavy by feel)

“Life is half spent before we know what it is.” – George Herbert

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