WOD 160205

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*Congrats to Jen & Patrick on the birth of their first child! Welcome to the world…and GCF… Patrick!!!

*Good Luck tomorrow (Saturday) at Wodamania – Coach Nick, Mike Madison, Mel, Gina & Thalia! They will be competing locally at CrossFit Wild…stop by and cheer them on! Kick some butt and have fun!!!

Partner WOD!

For total time

3rds – 2min rest between

20 DL (275/185) – Partners must alternate every 5 reps

30 Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24) – Partners must alternate every 5 reps – EXCEPT partner not doing BBJO MUST be holding the DL bar while other partner is performing BBJO reps. Alternate every 5 reps, holding barbell

20 DL (275/185) – Partners must alternate every 5 reps

*Rest 4mins

4rds – 1min rest between

1 Partner must hold the DL bar – other partner will Sprint 100m & do 10 C2B, then switch, then rest the 1min. Repeat.

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