WOD 150911

WOD 150911

Team WOD! (3-4ppl)

Complete 2k Row + 120 S2O (95/65)

*One teammate will row any distance desired, then complete as many S2O as they decide. Other teammates cannot row until 1st teammate is done with S2O. Only 1 teammate working at a time, and 1 holding the barbell.

*Barbell may NOT touch the ground at any time during the 2k Row/120 S2O. 10 Burpee penalty for all teammates if bar is dropped or touches ground.

*Divide row distance and reps any way.

Immediately after,

Teams will complete 1200ft Sled Push (4/3 plates) 

*Teammates will work only 1 at a time, and after your sled push you MUST complete a 200m Run, each teammate, every time. 

*Divide 1200ft any way.

Strength WOD:
SLDL – 4x8R/8L (light, 2 weights)
SL SQ – 5x6R/6L (either Pistol or squat to box)
GHR – 5×7 w/weight
L-Sit – 6xME (20-30sec rest betw)

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