Summer Shred 2020

Summer Shred 2020

Over the last 6 weeks, GCF members participated in the 2nd Summer Shred Challenge. The contest started with before pictures, weight, measurements and “fitness tests/goals”. A weekly email was sent out to participants with ways to reach their “fitness tests/goals” and nutrition advice, tips and recipes…and each week presented a new challenge in nutrition. Participants could decide to join coach Kate with a nutrition program for more detail, or go at it on their own. Some participants joined in extra classes, more endurance work or weightlifting, while others had to stick to a limited schedule due to work/family/time restrictions. We had over 20 people sign up! They were also given the choice to enter the cash prize contest at the end of the 6 weeks. The participants listed below had to provide before & after photos, measurements and their experience with the Summer Shred. While we know not everyone finished out the 6 weeks, we know that everyone took something away from this challenge. We are very proud of those who signed up, and these 6 people listed below show some of the amazing things that can happen when you’re focused and determined.

Now it’s time to vote!

Contestants will be listed in order of information sent to us, with the photos & measurements taken. Check out their progress, read up on what they did, and VOTE! Only GCF members can vote (but these folks deserve all the praise for their hard work!).

You must leave the name of the person you think should win in the COMMENTS HERE, on the FACEBOOK post, or on the INSTAGRAM post. Please vote by the end of the weekend, as there is money on the line for them!


Weight: 244lbs/225lbs – Measurements: Chest 42″/40.75, Waist 41.5″/38.5, Hips 47.5″/45.75, R Arm 16.25″/15.75, R Thigh 26.75″/23.5

“Changes to my diet included a lot of vegetables and fruit. Drank a ton of water every day. Worked out multiple times a day. I ran a few miles on my days off. My energy level and endurance are so much better. I feel so much better at work, especially since I work those long shifts. I work overnight so it’s difficult to make good food choices. Most of the week I would bring my own meals. I’m also sleeping much better. It was hard before because I was unable to sleep more than 4 hours. For the past few weeks I’ve been getting 7 hours of sleep or better. Portion control has also played a big part for me. It was hard but I cut wayyyyyyyyy back on the alcohol. It was a long six weeks. I’m very happy with my results. I haven’t felt this good in years.” – Malcolm


Weight: 152.2lbs/144.2lbs – Measurements: Chest 38″/38, Waist 28.25″/27.25, Hips 36.25″/35, R Arm 12.5″/12.5, R Thigh 24″/22.5

“Ok so I entered the summer shred with my goal being to enter a bodybuilding competition in the Wellness division at the end of October. My fitness goal was to work on my back squat. I had been squatting, but not with the volume that I used to, and I wanted to see what I could do with larger sets at a fairly heavy weight. A few years ago, after doing a squat program at GCF, I got a 20 rep set at 225. I was hoping to come close to that, and while I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, I was able to hit 225 for 3 sets of 12, which is much more then I have been doing!
I also used this time to stop drinking alcohol, and it has helped my gym performance as well as recovery immensely. I sleep so much more soundly now! I am really excited to step on stage in 6 weeks, and I feel like I’m on my way to being ready! It has been really fun watching everyone commit to the summer shred, and I am so proud of the members who were a part of this journey. We really are all winners in the end!!”


Weight: 140lbs – Measurements: Chest 35.75″, Waist 32″, Hips 42″, R Arm 10.5″, R Thigh 21.5″ (Note: Dahiana got to take a vacation as soon as Summer Shred was up, so we did not get her after measurements.)

“I’ve been able to do 10 double unders in a row woohoo! Practicing on Wednesdays.
Also my mile run use to be 11:15/11:30. I got it down to a minute less. I definitely have more energy through my runs.
Also I’ve improved on push-ups. And endurance through my cardio at the gym, I can feel it ????
I will keep going and lose more body fat because 6 weeks is not enough ????.
Thank you for all the recipes and tips. I love them!”
Weight: 165lbs/173lbs – Measurements: Chest 39″/37.25, Waist 33″/31, Hips 40″/40, R Arm 15.25″/13.25, R Thigh 23.25″/23.25
“Hi everyone!
I’m pretty new to the gym but my name is Chris and I decided to do this challenge because I use to eat garbage all the time. Changing the way I ate, meal prepping, and focusing on my goals has truly changed a lot of my habits. Going from a 6:17 mile to a 5:19 (my best) in 6 weeks is really what just makes me so ecstatic! By the end of this year there’s no doubt I’m going to do a sub 5 minute mile. My strict pull ups increased as well! Not only was I able to do these pull ups better but in the gym I’m able to do muscle ups now and just feel a little more confident in the workouts! I’ve lost 8 pounds and 2 inches off my waist, I feel so much better than I ever have before and I truly owe it all to our coaches. Kate helped me so much with just answering all of my annoying questions about diet and what’s okay/isn’t (Zucchini brownies are dope). If you can take anything from this message it will be just one website.!!! “Eat healthy, but never boring!”
Once again, Thank you so much gardens CrossFit for everything you guys do, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”
Weight: 192lbs/191lbs – Measurements: Chest 41.5″/41.5, Waist 38.875″/36.5, Hips 46.25″/42, R Arm 13.25″/13.25, R Thigh 23.75″/23.75
“I had already started this journey by working with coach Kate on my nutrition and working out at Rev as soon as COVID allowed for it. However, the challenge forced me to create new goals. My dad also went on a ventilator (don’t worry, he’s off and getting healthy again) due to COVID right around the time the contest started, so it helped me manage stress, stay focused and not completely fall off the nutrition/fitness wagon. I’ve probably been doing the same weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, plates, etc.) since Rev started – 5 years??? Granted I’ve had to take a break from Rev after having both of my kids and other surgery, then experiencing the setback of returning each time, but I never really pushed beyond the weights I’d always used. I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement in not only my strength, but I’ve gotten faster, my push-ups and burpees have improved. I have a ways to go to reach my goals but I feel incredibly lucky to have the support and encouragement of my Rev and Gardens CrossFit family.”
Weight: 205lbs/197lbs – Measurements: Chest 40.25″/40.5, Waist 39.5″/37, Hips 45.25″/46.75, R Arm 14.25″/13.25, R Thigh 26.75″/26.5

During these few weeks outside of doing Rev  , I was also lifting , doing squats to activate my glutes, Trying new workout sets like circuit , core routine and jogging to strengthen my body and improve my stamina.This six week challenge definitely helped me get back on track after falling off the wagon for a few weeks. I’ve developed more of a lifestyle change rather than suppress myself with a diet that will eventually make me binge afterwards. I’ve also learned to love myself more, create a relationship with food , which honestly was the hardest thing to do since starting my journey a year ago. As far as exercise I am building endurance by challenging myself with not just staying with the same weight but more so adding more or going up a few more pounds to build my muscles. My mood  have had definitely improved and as far as me getting enough sleep , it’s a challenge that  I’m still working on . I feel overall proud  ,  I am constantly proving to myself that I can do anything that I put my mind to I just have to really want it . ”





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