Siiri Hasey


SiiriHaseypicIt’s a normal Summer Florida morning, hot and humid with a chance of rain. It was getting close to 6am, there was some loud music blaring, you can hear it from the parking lot. The 5am REV crew is being encouraged by coach Chad, and they are working hard to breathe. The humidity inside Gardens CrossFit is so thick you can barely catch a breath. A person already begins to sweat as soon as they pass through the doors. There are people on the artificial turf rolling out their sore muscles from the workout the day before. On the first rack there are some amazing feats of strength being performed by GCF’s coach Jason, with absolute precision. Behind the desk for a split second is Miki, getting the day set up and then copying the WOD to the board. She starts to look around at everyone with a smile. The sign up sheet on a clip board is waiting for everyone’s names. Miki doesn’t even look at the sign in sheet and begins to write all of the names on the board. Didn’t your name on the board in school mean you were in trouble?!

That’s how my morning begins and I am so Thankful for it. My husband was the person to suggest I walk into Gardens CrossFit. I, like so many who come to GCF, wanted more with my workouts. I wasn’t really sure what that would mean exactly, however with every small step there is a new personal accomplishment. My endurance, strength and coordination have been improving. I have PR’d several lifts, found my bar muscle up, competed in my first “Open”, and competed in my first partner competition. I have been nervous 99% of the time. I can’t account for the 1%…I am just to scared to write 100%.

Miki, Jason, and Chad want more for you, they want you to be better than yesterday. They encourage questions, catch every moment that needs improvement and push you to keep going. I cannot even express how thankful I am for the programming. The GCF community is the same. They push each other, support each other, and encourage each other. .. It’s really amazing to be around so many awesome coaches and people.

Thank you for GCF Miki and Wayne! Thank you for being amazing coaches Jason and Chad! Nick for being part of the reason I came to GCF! Amanda for chatting with me at the Clash of the Fittest! Lee for some seriously sick programming (you enjoy our hurt too much). Tori for keeping us in check and making us use our first and last name. Oh and one more time…Miki…thank you, your passion for coaching and programming make for an awesome environment.

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