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ProEnz has been moving off our shelves since our inception nearly five years ago. As many of our members can attest they have had great results with this extraordinary product whether it be with acute flare-ups or chronic pain. The majority of those that use it once become repeat customers. We don’t necessarily “sell” it… sells itself.
ProEnz is formulated for nutritional support of inflammation management. Meaning, it is helpful to manage pain and overuse syndromes both of which are so very common in the CrossFit realm. It can also inhibit or decrease the likelihood of pain due to injuries. Furthermore ProEnz contains enzymes that aid in digestion and thus absorption of nutrients. The combination of the ingredients make it ideal for long term maintenance of both pain and general wellness. This product has been in our personal repertoire of supplements for about 8 years.
We recommend ProEnz immediately after surgical intervention or acute injury i.e. sprain/strain and initial stages of shoulder or knee pain, to help speed up healing time. Moreover, individuals that can benefit are those with physically demanding lifestyles- athletes, laborers, Cross-Fitters as well as those subject to inflammatory lifestyles- namely poor diet, high stress and significant lack of sleep.
The main botanical ingredients include ginger, turmeric, boswelia and rosemary. These have been shown to inhibit specific enzymes that increase pain and inflammation thus lending itself to be a highly potent anti-inflammatory with no negative benefits or side effects; only collateral positive benefits.
You exercise. You exercise hard. We implore you to take care of your body. You only get one.
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