Mike Madison

Mike Madison

When I was approached by Miki regarding being selected to be the BAMF I really didn’t know what to381287_10101333789272453_1750344695_n

say. I was a bit shocked and taken back. Especially as this is the month where GCF is to celebrate 4

outstanding years of changing people’s lives for the better! Really is scary how time flies. Doesn’t seem

long ago I was dragging in those damn floor mats and putting holes in the wall of the old shoe store


A little history on how I got started…back in 2009 I had met Aaron Ledford and I credit him to

introducing me to CrossFit and starting me on the lifestyle I have today. I was hesitant at first as I was

the typical globo gym rat with the same old routine day in and day out which at the time I was cool with.

Aaron finally convinced me to try a Saturday class out at HEW. Needless to say, as I’m sure most people

have felt the same, I almost died that day and I for some reason I was hooked. I thought I was in shape

until that day where I quickly realized I wasn’t even close. I immediately signed up for a month

membership and started the following Monday at 6 am where I met Miki and eventually Lee. A couple

years had gone by of Miki really kicking my ass day in and day out and as HEW began to change, Miki

and Lee finally took probably what is one of the best and biggest steps of their lives which was to open

Gardens CrossFit right around the corner from HEW. With that change I immediately left HEW and

joined GCF as I knew Miki was who I wanted to continue training with.

GCF has become a second home and in my opinion there is no other gym that can compete with what it

brings to the table. M-F at 6 am is where it’s at people…obviously the best class of the day because 6am

is about getting down to business and grinding it out. Not much socializing happening that early. Every

day Miki pushes me harder and further than I had ever imagined I could go. Shit I remember when I

thought double unders were impossible and what the hell is a butterfly pullup…muscle ups were an

afterthought…never thought there was a chance. Now after all the frustrations and Miki’s “tough love”,

I’m excited to see those movements in the WOD. I owe Miki a great deal in regards to how I feel and

look these days especially as I get older. Without having started training with her years ago I’m not sure

what kind of shape I’d be in today.

I need to give a shout out to who I think of as the newcomers (Nick and Jason). These guys have been

just outstanding not only to me but to the entire GCF crew since starting. An instrumental part of the

success GCF is experiencing today.

Nick’s Rev Fitness is really something special…when I say special I mean be prepared to get your ass

kicked…the Assault Bike was created by the devil FYI. If you are thinking about trying it out to switch

things up, don’t think and just sign up. You’ll get hooked and it is a great supplement to a lifting


Jason, man you really know how to bring the energy to a room. When you first started and began to

help with 6am if I wasn’t awake…I sure was after your first “BOOM”. Always great to have someone

really get the energy started so damn early in the morning. Can’t thank you enough for that and the

lifting pointers you tend to throw my way.

GCF is and will continue to be a place that people of all ages and fitness levels can go to find quality

coaches who truly care and know their shit. You aren’t just another body to the staff. Whatever the

fitness goal you are striving for there is a coach available to make it happen. All you have to do is speak

up. Technique and safety with the movements is driven home hard and as monotonous as it may seem

the benefits are tremendous. I’d like to think all CrossFit gyms do the same but that just isn’t the case.

So GCF keep doing what you’re doing! PEACE…

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