Marnie Nickels



Me?! I am totally honored to have the opportunity to share my experience with CrossFit. I was never athletic growing up, I didn’t really have any hobbies either. I always loved gymnastics, but I never had the motivation to take any classes. I was always an active kid but never played any sports, unless you consider cheerleading a sport. Growing up in the Bahamas didn’t really help with the chance to play any sports.

So I started out just like most people, working out at the plain old gym, Golds Gym to be exact. Yea, LAME!! Until one day, someone invited me to try this new place out that their friend opened. They said I looked like I like challenges. Well they saw something in me that I had no clue existed… I went to CrossFit Palm Beach… which turned into Hard Exercise Works… Yes HEW… another lame… But hey, it lead me to Miki, and at the time it was all I knew to be “CrossFit.” I became addicted and inspired by Miki and her amazing coaching. I would have it no other way than to join her at Gardens CrossFit. Then, I really fell in love! I watched myself grow, get stronger, and meet goals I never thought possible.

Here I am today… 9 months pregnant still CrossFitting. And OH, the controversy and comments I have heard. People think that because you are pregnant you’re “disabled”. Well I beg to differ. People use pregnancy as a crutch to be lazy, eat whatever they want, and become unhealthy and fat. There is a misconception by most that you cannot do things while being pregnant. I have been blessed with a pretty “perfect” pregnancy, gaining minimal weight, and I’m still full of energy! I have a very supportive OB who never once told me to stop working out and even encouraged me to continue. She even told me it was only going to make my delivery much easier. Also, with the expertise of Miki, I was able to work out to my fullest capability without injuring myself or harming my baby. She supported me and gave me ways to modify my routine for safety.

So with just a few days left, I’m ready for my delivery. I sure hope my strong abs (thanks to Miki and Gardens CrossFit) help make it an easy one! I am forever grateful to this awesome establishment and my 6 AM family.


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