Malcom Rhymer


Three years ago I graduated college weighing in around 260. I felt and looked like shit. I moved back
home to Florida to find a job and get my life rolling. That was easier said than done. When I moved home
I was still in college mode. I was staying out all night drinking and partying, eating fast food, or
just anything edible that was in reach.

Then one day I was walking by mirror and said to myself. “Damn Malcon, you’re fat as hell”. Then I
asked my father the one person I knew that wouldn’t lie when I asked how I looked. He said ” You’re as
big as a house”. I stepped on the scale the next day and weighed 280. I made a promise to myself that i
will lose this weight. I tried planet fitness, insanity. P90X and i got no results. A friend of mine
singed me up for bootcamp. I did that for a month but running around in a crowded park filled with
MILF’s wasn’t enough.

So i joined a CrossFit up in Port Saint Luice for a few months until i moved back to Palm Beach, in
September of 2012. I stepped into Gardens CrossFit for the first time. That’s when my life changed. I tried a few different places before I signed up. But Gardens CrossFit just felt like home. Everyone made me feel welcomed when I signed up. They have a great coaching staff that helps push you to meet your goals. A few weeks later I actually noticed a difference in how I looked and felt. That pushed me to change my whole lifestyle. Before I knew it the pounds were falling off. My clothes didn’t fit the same anymore. I was lookinng better and more importantly, feeling better.

I promise I’ll never go back to 300+ pounds or a traditional gym again.

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