Liz Katz


LizKatzWow, it’s such an honor to be included in such an amazing group of people.  I came to GCF a few months after having my first baby, Frankie, whom most afternoon class attendees have probably met (I apologize for the cranky Frankie days).  I had already met Miki a few years prior and really enjoyed her classes. Unfortunately, work got in the way and I was lucky if I made it to one class a week so I quit and had been away from CrossFit for a few years before coming to GCF.   I was thrilled to join and was excited to get my body and strength back after going through the joys of pregnancy, labor, and surgery. I have been having a lot of fun working out with such enthusiastic coaches and gym members so when I became pregnant again the thought of quitting never crossed my mind.  Having a baby was the biggest challenge my body had been through so when going at it a second time I wanted to be as strong as possible to help me get through it. Everybody has been incredibly supportive and encouraging which is so helpful since most days I feel like a cow.  Many times it seems like all I can do is get through work but thankfully my encouraging boss, Alaina (who many of you know), and my husband, give me the extra nudge I need to get to class and once I’m there I’m so glad I went.  I feel great mentally and physically as I anxiously watch my last few weeks fly by, hopefully this little guys exit will be a bit smoother but either way I’m thankful for all the squats!

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