Ingrid Delgado


IngridDelgadoWow! Who would have known that that you could be nominated for BAMF while pregnant? What a honor.

I started at Gardens Cross fit in May of 2014. After having my first son, I was looking to try something different. I had a regular gym membership and also did weekend cycling classes and Bikram Yoga classes. However, between the rigors of work and being a mother, I was looking to streamline my workouts and decided to switch over to GCF. I was a bit hesitant with being new to CrossFit, but Miki, Jason and Nick have been great since day one. They strike the right mix between making you feel welcome and pushing you to get the most out of your workout. After a few months at GCF, I started to hit my groove and then BAM, I was fortunate enough to get pregnant again. I stayed with GCF for the next several months, but as my belly started to grow bigger and bigger, I started thinking that CrossFit was too extreme of a workout for someone who is pregnant. I discussed my concerns with Miki and I am so happy she encouraged me to stay at GCF. After 38 weeks of pregnancy, I’m still at it. Miki, Jason, and Nick are great at helping me modify the workouts so I can keep fit, but at the same time, stay with-in my limits. Thank you GCF, for helping me along my pregnancy journey. I know all of the work I have put in over the past several months will help me quickly recover from my pregnancy and get me back to soon after I give birth.

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