Gerry Dallas Raymond (November)


All of my life I was involved with sports. When I was growing up I played every sport that a kid could play! I started to realize that the sport that I excelled the most in was hockey. The hours, work and sacrifices playing at a high level of hockey paid off well during my time on one of the best junior hockey teams in the US. And I was lucky enough to play hockey for Ohio. After an injury with my knee I could no longer be competitive at the level I was used to, and had to give up my dream to maybe one day have a chance to play in the NHL.

After hockey I was in the gym and a typical “globo gymer”. I later found CrossFit. It started out as new way to work out and stay in shape. I became addicted to CrossFit and with my competitive nature always tried to be the best. I found out that you could compete in this sport and there was something called the CrossFit Games! Once I found this out I told myself, “that’s what I want to do, I want to compete with the best and make it to the Games”.

I decided to take my training in CrossFit seriously as I once did with hockey. So I found coach Miki Carey and started to train at Gardens CrossFit. We sat down together one morning and I told her that I wanted to be in the Games and I’ll do whatever it takes to get there. First thing she said was, “you can make it there”, and from that point on I knew she really believed in me, and would put in the same time and effort I would. The rest is history and time will only tell if the hard work and dedication will pay off! Looking that way so far! Thanks Gardens CrossFit for helping me find a new dream!

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