Dogs No Longer Allowed in Front

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Although we share your love for dogs, we have recently received a complaint from the property manager (this isn’t the first time) indicating our practice of bringing dogs on the premises and tying them up outside must cease immediately. As a result we regretfully inform you that dogs can no longer be kept out front.

You can, however bring them inside ( or keep them out back) but you must abide by our wishes. There is one simple one- clean up after them! Feel free to use our broom or shopvac. If you spill water, wipe it up. Pick up after everything you’re responsible for, or we’ll have to take the privileges away.

While we’re on it, this goes for your kids too. Not the barking of the kids, but the cleaning up of the kids 🙂

Seriously though, we love animals, and sometimes children so by no means are we trying to tell you not to bring them. We just ask that you respect our place.

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