Ok GCF… Let’s stay fit in December! 

Here’s a new challenge: 

Weigh in on December 1st

Weigh in on January 1st

Don’t gain unwanted holiday weight throughout the month.

This is simple, nothing crazy. Write down your name on the board (in the designated area, weight not a requirement). Keep track of your progress. Daily, weekly, every other week. It’s up to you! BUT it’s not just you… we’ll be in this together. Tips, guidance, encouragement, we are helping each other. Weekly advice on how to stay fit during the month of December will be posted as well. Have a tip, share it. Need advice, ask. That’s the point! We want to help each other through the busiest, craziest, and most indulgent month of the year (did anyone notice Williams Sonoma peppermint bark is on sale?!). 

So, write your name down (in the spot provided on the white board – tomorrow – once coach Miki erases the November board), weight optional. Leave tips if you have them. Read the tips when posted. WOD hard. WOD hard when you know you ate something you shouldn’t have. Drop in on a RevFitness class (drop-in charge applies). Stay after class to run, bike, row, squat, sled push, etc. The point is… don’t gain unwanted weight. Stay fit, motivated and healthy and help each other… but have fun and have a great holiday! 

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