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The mother of all antioxidants. This one’s gotta be one of my all time favorites. We’ve been selling it since opening day at GCF!

What is CoQ10?
It’s a naturally occurring antioxidant synthesized by the body and is utilized to generate energy within each cell of your body. It is found in every single cell in your body but present in higher concentrations in organs with higher energy requirements such as kidneys, liver, heart and muscles. The latter two which make this a fantastic supplement for athletes and exercisers. Clinically it is used for those with heart issues, Parkinson’s Disease, high cholesterol and many other ailments. It can be found in some foods like meat and fish with highest concentrations on organ meat. However, it is tough to get the high amounts of this enzyme through food alone. That is why supplementation is warranted.

Research shows that CoQ10 therapy is associated with a mean 25.4% increase in exercise duration and a 14.3% increase in workload (Sacher et al. 1997). Good for Crossfitters!

More on this powerhouse nutrient:

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