Congrats Mary!

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Most of you know this lady. She is funny, strong, at the gym all of the time, and even her kids WOD at GCF. She’s probably kicked your butt in a WOD, or came to a competition to cheer you on, or you’ve seen her competing for the CrossFit Open and Masters Qualifier. This past weekend was the “regionals” of the Masters athletes. There were 4 WODs to be completed and submitted within just a few days. After placing 52nd in her age category, IN THE WORLD, in the CrossFit Open, Mary completed and crushed this weekend’s WODs and finished 28th overall! IN THE WORLD! Approximately 9-11 months ago she had 2 wrist surgeries and after recovery started taking training seriously. Her regular schedule had her committing to multiple hours in the gym, before and after work. Many challenges, many tough WODs and skills, and MANY PRs! She has been working her butt off, literally…haven’t you noticed how amazing she looks?! Mary has also been a BAMF at GCF, and rightly so. This lady truly defines hard work, determination and pushing through barriers. She is a huge inspiration and role model to many. We are so thankful to have Mary in our lives and at GCF and are so incredibly happy for her success! She deserves all that she’s worked for and more! Keep being such an awesome person Mary… and kicking ass! We love you!

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