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BIG CONGRATS to our Masters athletes for completing The 2016 CrossFit Open:

Mary Hallman in 83rd place worldwide age group 55-59yrs! – while sick from bronchitis! 

Judy Wilbur in 62nd place worldwide age group 50-54yrs!

These two have put in a ton of work and are ready for The Masters Qualifier April 21st-25th. WODs are released on a Thursday evening and they will have until Monday evening to complete them. Wish them the best when you see them next and give them a big congrats for all of their hard work. We are so proud of you ladies for your time, dedication and passion you put into your training. It rubs off on all of us to see talent and heart. We are so happy to help you in your journey and cannot wait to see what else lies ahead! Best of luck and kick some butt!

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