Chris Burnett

Chris Burnett

I think the head to toe goose bumps I got when Miki approached me with this news confirms how BAMF Chris Bhonored I am to be a recipient of the Gardens Crossfit BAMF.

I was raised in a single family home in Sterling Heights, MI. My mom did an amazing job raising 3 kids while working day and night to provide for us. No matter how many hours in a day she worked, she always made time for others. No matter how much or how little we had, she always gave. She kept us involved in the church and surrounded by incredible people who helped fill the void that was left by an absent father.

My mother didn’t do remarkable things in the church and in the community to get recognition. She did what she did because she felt extremely blessed in her life and felt that it was her duty to be a blessing to others. I strive every day, as an adult, to be like my mother.

I felt very special when I was notified of this award. After processing it, I realized that this award is special to me because of the tremendous amount of respect I have for the person who awarded it to me. We all are so lucky to have such an amazing and passionate leader in Miki. She has created an environment that has changed so many people’s lives. I never had a good coach at any level of sport my entire life. I think the reason is because it is one of the hardest, most grueling jobs in the world and not everyone has the skill set to be great.

We have a great leader at Gardens Crossfit who should be recognized for her sacrifice and commitment to our community. Miki, thank you for all you do each and every day.

As I think about all the wonderful friends I have made at GCF I feel like I have a pretty amazing future. I look forward to every day that I get to walk in the door and spend time with all the coaches and athletes. I am a better version of myself because of the positive influence, tremendous friendship and constant motivation that you all provide.

Thank you to Nick, Jason, Jerris, Lee and Tori for all your support along the way. Your positivity and your encouragement have translated to so many aspects of my life outside of the gym. There is no way I could have earned this award as the “strongest guy in the gym” without your help.

My goals for the future are to develop the engine of Jason Bell, the athleticism of Mitch, the mobility of Ever and the honesty of Lee. I hope to have the longevity in the gym and in life to reach these goals and I hope to continue to go to battle every day with all of the coaches and athletes at GCF.




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