Bonnie Billing


First I’d like to say how honored I am to be a part of the BAMFs club!

I began my journey at GCF a few years ago but I must admit, I wasn’t as serious about sticking to a fitness regimen as I am now.

I think what truly gave me the extra push I needed to get serious was getting my now 5 year old son Dayton involved in the kids class a little over a year ago. I figured if he saw Mommy focusing on her health, then he’d realize how important it was too. After all, kids tend to model what their parents do, and what parent doesn’t want to set the best example possible for their kids.

Last November my husband and I found out that we would be growing our family by two feet. I instantly knew my pregnancy would not be used as excuse to stop working out. I won’t lie and say my first trimester wasn’t a struggle due to morning sickness but continuing to walk through the door and having the constant support and motivation from my Trainer & Coach Nick Penizotto I survived! Here I am 6 months along (due July 10th) and I can honestly say I have NEVER felt better in my life. Without Nick’s programming, and my determination to remain as healthy as I can, this journey most definitely could have had a different ending. (Nick swears I am stronger now than before my pregnancy). Sure the work outs are getting tougher, but only the strong survive right?  WODing during pregnancy is no doubt a unique feeling and experience, but without the support from whom I believe are the BEST coaches around, Miki, Jason, Lee and of course Nick staying committed would not have been easy. Finally, I can not thank Wayne Broth enough for his guidance with my nutrition. With as many questions as I’ve had and continue to have, his knowledge and willingness to not only help, but teach, I will forever be grateful.

I am proud to call GCF home and family! The athletes in this community are like no other and I am certainly thankful for all the friendships. I can’t wait to introduce to you all, the newest member of not only my family, but our awesome community as well!

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