I joined Gardens CrossFit about 16 months ago. I’m 55 years old and a lifelong fitness enthusiast.

I’m a native of Warren, Ohio – 47 years there. I work in sales, and I work with an assistant. In all the time here it really has been difficult to get to know people and become socially integrated because of my work.

Then Gardens CrossFit entered into my life.  My oldest son Pete introduced me to CrossFit.  He does CrossFit in California.  At first I was skeptical at my age due to the intensity, but it’s been the best new and exciting thing in my life since I joined.

And here’s why… Miki, Lee, Wayne, Nick and Jason are the most professional and dedicated owners and trainers I have ever seen in a gym. The members at Gardens are so supportive and we all seem to be woven with a common thread.

My strength, mobility, and endurance are at a level I have not experienced outside of high intensity team sports. I’m in the best shape of my adult life because of Gardens CrossFit.

I think if you look closely here, you will see Gardens CrossFit should get the award for their dedication, creativity, and commitment to educated fitness.
Thank you for everything.

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