The 800 Gram Nutrition Challenge

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What is the 800 Gram Challenge? 
Created by @optmizemenutrition, “It’s a challenge where quality meets quantity. Eating 800 grams of fruits and/or vegetables per day can reduce your risk of cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease and perhaps most importantly, all-cause mortality.”

Gardens CrossFit will be running the challenge from October 1st through the 31st. Click HERE for the Facebook Event Page.

The Rules: 
•The goal is to eat 800 grams from a variety of vegetables and fruits in one day.
•You can include potatoes and beans, but they can not exceed more than 400 grams of your total value. 
•You must be able to weigh the fruit or veggie as a stand alone item, but you can add them to a dish after (ex: veggies in a soup or fruit you add in to a smoothie).
•Dried fruits and juices do not count! 
•No food or drink is off limits during the challenge, you just have to hit that 800 grams in the day! 

What do I need?
•A food scale- you can purchase one on Amazon, at Target, Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond. 
•A computer you can access your Google sheet on
•A positive attitude! 🙂 

How do I Sign Up?
Bring $10 cash to the gym by October 1st and sign up at the front desk! 

How Do I Win?
Once you’re signed up, you’ll be emailed a Google Sheet to track your daily intake on. 
•You’ll get 2 points for meeting the 800 grams daily.
•One point for having at least 6 different kinds of fruits and veggies daily. 
•Another point for coming into Gardens CrossFit (5 points max weekly).
•1 point each week for having your tracker filled out. 
Throughout the month, there will be ways to earn extra points along the way! 

What Do I win?
Each person in the challenge will pay a $10 entry fee. Winner will be determined by max points. In the case of a tie, diversity points will determine the winner.
Winner takes the entire cash pot! The more people that sign up, the bigger the prize will be, so grab your friends and sign up together!

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