Day: June 11, 2015

Recipe of the Week

Slow Cooker Curried Chicken Soup What You Shall Need: 1 and a half punds of boneless chicken breasts or thighs, cut into chunks. 6 cups of veggies, chopped. I used carrots, onions, peppers, broccoli and tomatoes 1-14 oz. can of full fat coconut milk 1 cup crushed tomatoes (or tomato sauce) 1 tbsp cumin 2 …

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Melissa Rodriquez

When Eddy and I began GCF we had been trying to get pregnant for a while and after a few months at GCF it finally happened! If you ask me, GCF totally helped in making that happen because I became fitter and healthier, physically and mentally! I totally credit GCF with helping me get pregnant …

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Liz Katz

Wow, it’s such an honor to be included in such an amazing group of people.  I came to GCF a few months after having my first baby, Frankie, whom most afternoon class attendees have probably met (I apologize for the cranky Frankie days).  I had already met Miki a few years prior and really enjoyed …

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Bonnie Billing

First I’d like to say how honored I am to be a part of the BAMFs club! I began my journey at GCF a few years ago but I must admit, I wasn’t as serious about sticking to a fitness regimen as I am now. I think what truly gave me the extra push I …

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Ingrid Delgado

Wow! Who would have known that that you could be nominated for BAMF while pregnant? What a honor. I started at Gardens Cross fit in May of 2014. After having my first son, I was looking to try something different. I had a regular gym membership and also did weekend cycling classes and Bikram Yoga …

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Mandy Broth

When I first joined GCF I  was just looking to get in better shape and simply feel better overall. The normal regimen of what I was doing just wasn’t cutting it for me. I was finding myself becoming bored and falling into the same workout routines over and over. After that first class nearly two …

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WOD 150611

*Don’t forget! Session #1 of the Gymnastic Seminar is this Saturday!  Planks 4rds 30on/10off Side Planks 4rds 40on/20off Candlesticks 4rds 40on/20off Then, 4rds 30on/30off Battle Ropes Ball over the shoulder 20m Shuttle Run ASQ Then, L-Sits 6rds 15on/10off “Nothing is work unless you’d rather be doing something else.” -George Halas  

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