Utilizing an integrative, science-based healthcare approach, we offer nutrition coaching by a highly educated individual that has keen interest in the area of ancestral/paleo nutrition or, as we like to call it, not eating crap. Our focus is on each individual achieving their goals whether that be weight loss, weight gain, or increased athletic performance. Secondary is improved overall health, disease prevention and/or disease treatment all of which are a collateral benefit of eating the foods we’ve been eating for thousands of years, long before modern factory farming and processing took over our disease-promoting current food system.

Each person is an individual, so our programs are tailored to suit their needs based on their goals and lifestyle. A past health history, dietary history and family history, all of which are included in our program, can dictate recommendations specific to that individual. Here at Gardens CrossFit we utilize an integrative, science-based healthcare approach. Everyone is different; what works for one person might not work for the next. We look at the whole picture and make changes/adjustments accordingly.

With science to back it up, we provide information that often debunks current dietary recommendations. Apparently, what we have been told and what we are led to believe is not the way to optimal health. In fact, it could be the cause of our obesity epidemic and rising rates of disease. Think about it. We are advised to avoid fat and cholesterol and consume copious amounts of whole grains, grain products and highly processed and packaged foods with labels reading “Low Fat”, “No Fat” or “Low in Cholesterol”. We have taken good foods (dried fruit, for example) and made them less-than-optimal by adding harmful oils, sugars, and preservatives. The “low fat, no fat, low cholesterol food craze” is driving us deeper into obesity and disease as the United States sits atop the most overweight and sickest countries in the industrialized nation.

Obesity and disease aside, no one can deny that proper nutrition is vital and essential to any exercise program. You can exercise all you want but if you are not making changes in the kitchen, results will be minimal at best. Remember one thing. Exercise is the easy part; anyone can do it whether it takes 15 minutes or 2 hours of a day. What you eat is a different story. That is something humans have to deal with every waking hour of their life and proves difficult time and time again for many individuals.

We provide the following services either in person, via telephone and/or online to our members and to any non-members. If you are a current CrossFitter looking to go to the next level or just to fine tune your diet, then this is certainly right for you.

“Speak with the Doctor”

Consultation to discuss your current diet and/or answer any questions that you might have. This can be done either in person, via phone or Skype. It might be a good fit if you participate in CrossFit but are not in the immediate area for an in-person meeting. We can discuss anything you desire!
15 minute face-to-face, phone or Skype Consultation =$30
30 minute face-to-face, phone or Skype Consultation =$50
45 minute face-to-face, phone or Skype Consultation =$70
60 minute face-to-face, phone or Skype Consultation =$90

“Need Unlimited Accountability?”

Unlimited emails and texts with the doctor for one full month $200

“The Trouble Shooter” – Nutrition Evaluation & Recommendations

  • Review and evaluation of your current diet.
  • Suggestions to improve or modify it to help you meet your goals.
  • Great for those who are already eating healthy and just need to fine tune things.
  • Supplement discussion
  • This plan and recommendations are based on information you provide (goals, lifestyle, past history,etc.).
  • This includes one visit/phone/Skype consult (60 minutes) and one follow-up visit/phone/Skype consult two weeks later (30 minutes) as well as email and text availability for two weeks.

“Road To Health”- Our initial 4 week nutrition program:
This program is designed to start you on the way to proper dietary habits. One of the primary goals here is education. Accountability is a big part of your success during these 4 weeks.

Initial Nutritional Intake Visit – approximately 60 minutes. This includes a detailed health history, family history, social history, dietary history, etc. You will need to fill out an in-depth questionnaire before the initial consultation.

Blood pressure, pulse (live meetings)
Before and after measurements. Subject to change based on each individual. (live meetings)

Three (3) weekly 20-30 minute consultations with the doctor starting one week after your initial visit.

  • You will be REQUIRED to keep a food log and bring it to your three subsequent visits.
  • Supplement review, discussion and recommendations.
  • Email and text support for the duration of the program
  • A list of food groups that lead to inflammation and disease and a list of foods that contribute to increased performance and health.
  • Information on what foods we recommend and why, and those foods we do not recommend and why.
  • Bloodwork (if medically necessary) -pricing additional.
  • Life-changing nutrition knowledge that you can take with you and will last you long after you are done with this program!

All of the above for only $300. We offer it for $250 for new members if you decide to begin within your first week of finishing your final foundations course. Supplements sold separately. Information on our supplements we carry can be found here.

Each month thereafter is $49/month which includes biweekly visits and measurements. Email correspondence available.

​We also offer custom 30-day meal plans based on your goals, food likes and dislikes, past diets, past and current health history and any other issues that may arise. This meal plan is only made after a consult with the doctor in which we can come up with the best plan for that individual. The price of this is $150 and is separate from the above mentioned program.

Should you participate in the initial 4-week nutrition coaching, the additional fee for a 30 day meal plan as outlined directly above is only $100 extra.

Remember, everything mentioned above is available to anyone whether you are a Gardens CrossFit member or not. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 561 630-3118 or email the doctor directly at wayne@gardenscrossfit.com